• Satish worked with me for around 7 years. He is one of the most hard working and committed individuals I have come across. He has the knack of getting along with all kinds of people. He is extremely friendly and popular with superiors, subordinates and partners alike. He is result oriented and focused, he understands his role and one can count upon him to do it.Satish is a confident individual who can carry his team with him. He is a great employee to have when business is good…but when the going gets tough… he is exactly the guy you need. For anyone hiring Satish I can say for sure he would be a great asset… as long as you are not one of those nit picking… micro managing bosses yourself:)… If you need a Yes man..please look somewhere else…”

    Narayanan AS

    Founder & CEO at Reach Ajcon Financial Advisors

  • “When I think of Satish, what comes to my mind is a smiling, well dressed and a thorough gentleman. And what is more striking to me is his ability to maintain dignity during very difficult conversations also. What keeps him a cut above the rest is his great sense of humour, which discloses his intelligence that is otherwise masked under his humility. Highly professional in formal discussions and has got excellent grip on numbers. His biggest strength is his interpersonal skills and his ability to maintain friendship forever. A great team player and an extraordinary motivator. And above all, a great human being.”

    Saisrinivas Dhulipala

    Appointed Actuary

  • “Satish, has shown good leadership skills, wherein he motivates the team and gets the best out of the people. His sharp analytical skills of a business situation, coupled with effective communication makes him high achiever”

    Sampath Reddy

    Chief Investment Officer – Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Co Ltd

  • “I have a close professional and personal association with Satish for a long time now. In course of this journey, I have seen him evolve into an excellent leader that he is today. He has proved to be a champion motivator who has motivated his team to extraordinary performance for successive years. His team reached the pinnacle of performance in the just concluded 2014-15, where singlehandedly led to his team to become the largest channel in terms of New Business Premium Income. People who understand this business will vouch that he and his team have excelled in a very difficult line of business.
    It is not only his stupendous success in the current line of business in Corporate Employee Benefit Schemes & Worksite Marketing, his achievements straddle a far wider domain covering Bancassurance, Web Sales, Strategic Initiatives, NRI business, E-Sales, Rural Bank Business, where he has held pan-India responsibilities. These assignments involved extensive Pan-India coverage in meeting and winning over a wide spectrum of clients & retaining them. It naturally involved frequent extensive travel on a Pan-India basis and he left a positive imprint on everyone he met and everything he touched turned into Gold.
    His achievements on top of his excellent qualifications make him the most sought after leader. He is endowed with a huge and extensive experience curve.Personally, he is such a suave individual who exudes confidence and holds an excellent temperament. His personal charisma combined with tactical ability makes him such a winner. An all-weather friend and an excellent person to be with- I wish him all the best in all his future endeavors.
    Professionally, I would suggest him to have a still wider exposure functionally in international markets to help him reach the pinnacle of his career. Personally, I feel he is too good a person, a friend and a great leader who commands such an awe.”

    Robin Roy

    Sr. Vice President & Head Corporate Agents & Business Associates – Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Co Ltd

  • I know Satish from a long time and seen him working with different teams. He is always aggressive as far as his targets are concerned and very cordial in dealing with team mates. He loves fashion and try to put himself in the best attire. He can achieve any target which can be impossible for others but he needs his own strategy and sometime do not agree with the general thoughts. I personally feel that he is very capable and do not waste time in petty things rather look forward for a big leap. He is a self-motivated person and definitely one among the best human resource of the company.

    Sanjeev Rajan

    Sr. Vice President – Finance, Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Co Ltd

  • “ I have known Satish since 2004 and he is an outstandingly brilliant talent – He comes across to me as one of the brightest leaders who is an asset to any organization he is associated with – and I am very happy to see him in our leadership team in BALIC. He is truly multi-faceted & multi-talented. I have worked with him very closely since the very beginning of his journey in BALIC and seen him grow from strength to strength making difference to himself, to his team & organization. His successful Bancassurance track record of handling Syndicate Bank & its RRB`s are still a record in industry even today and he emulated the similar success in creating milestone records in handling Strategic Alliances & employee benefits business as well. In my view, more than his business performance, his happy demeanor, his class, and his ability to network across sections of society appeals awe-inspiring. He has been a terrific team player and am ever happy to have him in my team, as he not only delivers on all his commitments – beyond the call of the duty, but also inspires others around with his self-set high standards. He cares for people, fights for his team, stands by hierarchy, leads from front and has the ability to foresight and forward thinking. He is a brilliant leader, wonderful peer and a terrific team member – I always admire his novel abilities and this website which he created is one such example of his flair for adapting technology and walk the different path. I wish him all good luck and will always be there to guide him in need”

    Yogesh Gupta

    Senior VP & Head – Business Procurement, Micro & Mass Markets

  • Satish is a blend of exemplary relationship management, great leadership attributes coupled with a strong execution bent of mind.
    He is an exceptional leader; extremely accessible and he is a very hands-on administrator. His innate ability to foresee the BIG PICTURE, bottom line driven thought process with impeccable drive for high impact result differentiates him from his peers. He has all of the traits you would need in a CEO.
    Satish would be an excellent CEO for any organization. It’s a pleasure working with him; my best wishes and good luck.

    Prithvirraj T Mukherjjee

    Vice President Strategic Alliances at HDFC Life

  • So glad you came up with a personal website as this, which could be of immense help to the younger torch bearers and so much to learn from your experiences and expertise. My best wishes to one of the most humble and successful persons I know

    Pooja Chopra

    ‎Femina Miss India World 2009, Feminist Heroine

  • To tell you frankly I have all positive opinions for you. Words will not be sufficient to describe your competency, commitment and other qualities of being a team man to inspire and get best from all, leadership quality to lead from front, Mr.cool during crises management, ability to impress and get best deal from tough clientèle overcoming all competition, great strategist, totally dependable for achieving the results ,unique skill to create win win environment with corporate bosses, transparency and most important integrity in financial deals. The confident and smiling personality is icing on cake. Always loved to work with you as we could together pull the bancassurance relationship from all time low to wonderful turnaround to make it best in the industry with all time record premium collection. You took over mentor of low lying group product of your company and we together conceptualised and executed Tatkal Bima product which is one of the most popular group policy across banks. Wish you to reach zenith of your full potential which means you are well deserved to head the leading financial institutions in the days to come.

    Raja Narasaiya

    Ex – DGM & Head Bancassurance – Syndicate Bank HO – Head Admin & HR Banker’s Quotient Academy

  • To give details about Satish in a few words is extremely difficult. I have known him for around 10 years now. His work ethics are exceptional. In addition to the same, the exuberance that he gives to the atmosphere around himself is phenomenal. He is a complete go-getter and is known to exceed his targets. Personally, Satish is a very simple human being, with a great heart and would do anything for his friends. He is bound to excel personally as well as professionally. All the best!!

    Sameer Bakshi

    Chief Risk Officer & Company Secretary – Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Co Ltd

  • Satish is highly committed and self-motivated . He has good business acumen and innovative approach towards work . He has excellent interpersonal , communication and presentation skills and drives his team very well . Satish is very good in building relationships . I wish him great success in all his future endeavors

    Nimish Airon

    Co Founder & Executive Director at Reach Ajcon Financial Advisors

  • I know Satish for last 10 years. He has come across as very humble and grounded person. His sales skills are exemplary. His ability to handle tough situations and innovate continuously impressed me.

    Ashish Goyal

    Chief Investment Officer – Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Co Ltd.

  • Satish, is a bundle of energy, there is never a dull moment for him, He is warm friendly, Leads from the front.”

    Zahid Rehman

    Sales Manager at German Imaging Technologies (GIT) Dubai LLC

  • It’s always been a pleasure and privilege working with you and I am delighted that I have got the opportunity to recommend you for your new endeavor. I have always known you as a cheerful and dependent individual, full of life and ambitious to succeed.
    You have this innate charm about you that makes you so likeable amongst all your colleagues. Your persona, as a professional, is a charming mix of drive, dedication and down to earth attitude, which is so very important if you have to manage large teams and achieve the highest goals. You capitalise extremely well on opportunities, and thus it would be right to say that you have a foresight and vision true to a leader. While you have been a problem solver, your creative approach to work has always been admired.
    I remember, in our many interactions, whenever there has been a mountain of an issue discussed, your simple, yet creative solutions, have worked wonders to solve things. This is possible only through rich experience and caliber, and a zeal to lead and succeed. You seek opinion on any areas of improvement, I believe, this itself proves your humble approach!
    Although we may have the best of job achievements. In this tough situation, where we put precious years of our life for these achievements, and yet may never be truly satisfied, we need to avail continuous opportunities to further our existing domain expertise and stay motivated. I would be happy to see you explore newer and greater opportunities.

    Rashi Dubey

    Independent Insurance Professional – UK
    Ex-Head Business HR – Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Co Ltd;

  • Rockstar- Soft but lethal. He is known for creating and maintaining relationships. Isnt that a leader we look for in the..Rockstar- Soft but lethal. He is known for creating and maintaining relationships. Isnt that a leader we look for in the organisation to head a funcion. Well – here’s one that I can vouch for. Satish is the southern star who shines uniquely like the north star.Wish him the best.”

    Isar Qureshi

    Change Catalyst

  • Satish, as we fondly call him is a natural motivator and his very presence makes the entire atmosphere very positive and motivated. He is a great person to work with, always giving his best and also helping everybody to do well and achieve. I wish him all the very best for all his future endeavors in his life.

    Venkatram Murthy


  • It is with great pleasure that I am sharing my work experience. I have known Mr. Satish Naidu to be an honest straightforward person who stands strong on any rightful decision. He is a very dependable assertive person with discipline that is stunning. He amazed me with his hard work which is definitely not a prerogative in most of the top-line jobs. His smart quick decisions always gave the results he intended as I understood his moves were thoroughly analyzed. He is a person who talks heartily and pleasantly engages himself in any group, his charms are always at play! I wonder if his people skills are his biggest asset as others can become envious of such natural networking ability.
    I am delighted to have known such a charmingly bold yet modest personality who has given me some great experiences. I have drawn some important lessons from this assertive nice person. Thanks for all that you have given me and wishing for a never-ending work partnership with you

    Naresh Sharma

    Associate Vice President – Bancassurance – Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Co Ltd

  • Mr. Satish is Mr. Dependable – be it personally and professionally. Generally it is hard to find a person with all the three traits – approachable, empathetic and non-judgmental, which ensures that the other person feels comfortable in discussing any point or issue. Leadership skills – delegates effectively and builds team morale; always encouraging & motivating every person, possible only by leading from outside his own sphere of influence.
    The positive attitudes in his interactions with those in authority as well as his peers, is most appropriate and a delight to observe and learn from. Mr. Satish is known for being a person of his words – ‘Dependable’; who does what is promised and sometimes beyond. That extra mile is always the surprise element.
    It’s always a delight to know a gregarious person who is outgoing, sociable, and fond of the company of others, that is how I see Mr. Satish Naidu, at home as well as in the workplace.

    Kunal Das

    Head – NRI Business – Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Co Ltd

  • I have known Satish Since 2010 and have had privilege of working with him on many occasions in various roles. As a manager he is very sharp, understands the business and has got strategic outlook and foresight to take quick decisions which have far reaching impacts. Satish is a very positive and enthusiastic leader who believes in people empowerment and allows his team to take charge of the situation and perform.
    I have seen very few leaders who are as transparent as him, give people their space and comfort to operate and still not lose the control of the situation and are able to drive any desired objective in worst of the adverse situation.
    His people management skills are excellent; he has a special knack of getting things done from variety of people, managing toughest of the customers and negotiating with the toughest negotiators. Satish is an asset to the team he is part of and is great, reliable and trustworthy person who one would like to keep as friend for life.
    I wish Satish a very bright and successful professional and personal life.

    Jayant Kumar

    Associate Vice President & Head BFL – Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Co Ltd

  • He is one of the finest leader I worked with and has the excellent Team Management Skills which always drives individuals to go beyond limits. A “Charismatic Leader” who goes all out to motivate, support and mentor….Always work with a smile and never say No for any request….Satish is very articulate in his approach and has the ability to strive success even in adversity….A rare breed of professional who has the ability of driving organizational goal taking cognizance of the Individuals/Team’s to next level”….
    “Would always love to work with him…..I wish him all the success in whatever endeavor he pursues”….

    Sanjay Shinde

    Zonal Head – North & East – Corporate Division & WSM – Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Co Ltd

  • A diligent leader who has a clear focus on the minor details of the business is what I would like to describe Satish. He has excellent knowledge of his subject and sets benchmarks within the organization. Being part of his team means that you can be assured of flawless communication flows in a timely and transparent manner without any hidden agendas. He has the ability to triage any set of problems given any situation which makes him different from the others in his set. I simply like his ideas and the never give up attitude coupled with clear goals. I am blessed to work with him in his team

    Sriram Sreenivasan

    Zonal Head – South & West – Corporate Division & WSM – Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Co Ltd

  • I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt gratitude to you for all the encouragement and guidance. I really appreciate the time that I spent working with you, on both a professional and personal fronts. You have always been very supportive and truly leads by example.
    Your leadership and ability to get things done are an inspiration to all of us and thank you for being more of leader and less of a boss.
    Your guidance has helped the department touch new heights and grow strength to strength.
    I would always look forward for an opportunity to work with you.

    Guriqbal Singh

    Head BSE Broking – Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Co Ltd

  • Satish, as I know is a great human being, a wonderful colleague and a trusted friend. He Sales strategy has been outstanding and business acumen is exemplary. The trust he has earned among his superiors, peer group and subordinates is testimony of his long term and value based leadership style.As a situational leader he is definitely an asset for Bajaj Allianz and I wish him all the very best for all his present and future endeavours.Good Luck

    Sidharth Pandey

    Head – Strategic Alliances – Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Co Ltd

  • It has been my good fortune to have worked under an able and efficient business leader, where I was the National Sales Manager to Satish Naidu in Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Co. Ltd.
    Satish is an individual whose energy, passion and the go getting attitude is contagious. He is an ideal leader who has the natural ability to identify and nurture talent.He espouses confidence in his team and motivates them to perform by giving a free hand and empowering them enough to independently achieve the desired objectives.
    He is not an instructive, but a participative leader who knows the way, shows the way and goes the way with his team to achieve even the impossible.His personnel attribute and credentials are impeccable. He instills confidence and commands loyalty from his team by his actions and behaviour. He is an ideal manager, whom people wish to work under and has the natural ability to impart knowledge and enhance skills of his subordinates.
    He has lots of ideas and is brimming with energy. He has great understanding of the Insurance business and is well networked in the industry.It would indeed be an honor to again work under him and have the opportunity to learn and imbibe better leadership qualities from him.
    I can safely vouch for him that he is indeed one of the few polished and accomplished individuals I have met.I wish him the very best in all his life’s endeavors and May God bless him and use him to provide guidance and leadership to many young managers in years to come.

    Parveen Handa

    National Sales Manager, Bancassurance, Broking & NBFC – Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Co Ltd

  • I have been associated with Satish for almost 10 years now. He is one person I have seen with so much of energy that he get anyone around him charged up. His excellent Man management skill I should say makes him one of the most popular among his senior, peer group, and subordinates. He is a brilliant strategist, implementer with extra ordinarily good PR skills. He is great motivator and a futuristic leader with whom any one would love to work with and for. His wide experience, the brilliant business acumen and the understanding of consumer behavior and market dynamics makes him the choice of anyone.I am honored to have been associated with him and wish him all the very best in all his future endeavors.

    Abhilash M

    Associate Vice President – Bancassurance & Strategic Alliances – Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Co Ltd

  • “It’s a privilege to work with under Satish’s leadership.”
    Satish is a very dependable individual and one can consider that any task sought of him will be satisfactorily delivered. He is a superior Relationship person and very capably manages both internal, stakeholder and client relationships. He is also a very capable Team Leader and has earned the respect and loyalty of the teams that he has supervised.
    He is a perfectionist and one of the most organised leaders. His strategies have worked remarkably well in expanding the Business for the Organisation.
    He has shown flexibility in taking on several different roles required of him by the organisation and has performed them well.

    Rahul Verma

    Regional Manager – Strategic Alliances & NRI Business – Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Co Ltd

  • There are so many great attribute of Satish that it is practically not possible to include all in words but still hereI would like to comment on very few such attributes of Satish. Strong Analytical Skill- As a co-worker I have experienced that Satish has a very strong analytical skill and that skill has helped him a lot in all of his assignments.
    Leadership Skill& Team Management – Satish is a terrific leader. I would like to quote few lines of Robyn Benincasa “If you take two cups of authoritative leadership, one cup of democratic, coaching, and affiliative leadership, and a dash of pacesetting and coercive leadership “to taste,” and you lead based on need in a way that elevates and inspires your team, you’ve got an excellent recipe for long-term leadership success with every team in your life”. As far as I have experienced working with him, Satish for sure is one of very few such excellent recipes I have come across in my professional life.
    Appreciative intelligence – Satish has a very fine mental ability for reframing situations (the glass half full/half empty) and a keen eye for spotting what’s valuable and positive in a situation or in people. And hence he goes one step further because he is able to envision how the positive aspects can be used to create a better future. He is a deadly combination of a leader with appreciative intelligence.
    Leader with a good Network – Satish is a leader with great network within and outside the organization. He builds deep & quality relationships with others and hence is able to exchange information, resources, and skills with people from different backgrounds. This skill of Satish provides him valuable perspective and resources, including social support and camaraderie in the workplace.
    He is one of the very few Leaders to whom subordinates consider and see him as terrific leader and not only Boss.

    Ashutosh Kumar

    Regional Manager Corporate Business & WSM – WestZone – Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Co Ltd

  • Satish is a very soft spoken person and knows his domain… is noted to be very hard working and sincere person. He is committed to his assignments and is always ready for any new assignment, issues, queries and ensures that the same are addressed in a proper way as per the requirements. Has been a good colleague and a better human being…Wish him all the best in all the things he ventures into…

    Ajay Agrawal

    Head Sales Training – Institutional Business – Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Co Ltd

  • He is a thorough Professional in office and a great human being. His biggest asset is his belief on his subordinates. One biggest and greatest quality I found in Satish is his fairness and transparency. He is one of those rare leaders who has insecurity of nothing. I have not seen another person in my 10 years of career who gives complete authority to his team and still has complete control on all activities. He allows his team members to drive the way they want to but still with his charismatic charm ensures no one crosses the boundaries.
    I sincerely feel that if Management writers have to personify the boss vs. leader definitions through examples among the many bosses they can easily fit Satish Sir as real Leader. He is above any definition of super leader and will fit among any great leader of business in times to come. His knack of business and leading from the front are few great qualities I would want to imbibe myself. Working with him for so many years and interacting with him so closely gives me great sense of belief that professionals can be great Human Being as well and Satish Sir certainly is an example of that.
    I sincerely thank Satish Sir for being a great mentor and a great Leader. I wish him great Success and happiness in professional and Personal Pursuits.”

    Rahul Chaurasia

    Head North Zone – Corporate Division & WSM – Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Co Ltd

  • Satish has a very unique style of building relationships in professional circle; he is very enthusiastic, full of energy and Satish has a very unique style of building relationships in professional circle; he is very enthusiastic, full of energy and has extremely done well in his career by being innovative. He has deep understanding of financial distribution network in urban and rural market at pan india level. A good resource for any organisation that is keen to deepen distribution.”

    Amblish V

    Experienced Business Leader

  • The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart”.
    I believe every one rather anyone who should work or part of you to know about your style of functioning to achieve what he/she in their professional or personal life.
    It may be your positiveness,never give up attitude or creating future prospects, judgement of the people.
    I always remember the below mentioned lines and say proudly that whatever you are today or going to be on tomorrow.
    “No person was ever honoured for what he received .Honour has been the reward for what he gave”.
    Wish you the best for ever.

    Bala Subrahmanya Bhat K

    Zonal Manager – South , Bancassurance, Broking & NBFC – Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Co Ltd

  • This letter is my personal recommendation for Satish Naidu, one of the most prolific professional and good friend. I have been associated with Satish for a period of more than 15 years and have seen him grown from a fresher to a senior executive. I have the opportunity to work in close quarters with Satish. He has been my mentor and guide at Work. Satish has been a consistent performer and has shouldered all the responsibilities with his teammates, with a pleasant smile. Besides being a high-spirited worker, Satish has been phenomenal in giving shape to some of the Institutional distribution channels at Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Company Limited (BALIC). He has been a very important part of the senior management team and has ably represented BALIC in the international and national level platforms. He is very meticulous and grasps new concepts quickly and accepts constructive criticism and instruction concerning his work.
    Satish has been a team player and has a thirst to learn more about management and the various skills that will help him scale new heights in the corporate world.
    I wish Satish the very best in life and will always have high admiration and respect for him.

    Robin Manon

    Head – Worksite Marketing – Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Co Ltd

  • “I know you since years and see you a person who has a great level or energy, humble and a very enthusiastic person. I have worked on couple of assignments with you and I must say that your attitude towards solving issue is a motivational factor for others and your team as well. Professionally you are one of a person with whom one would like to work with and personally you are a very nice human being.”

    Anand Soni

    Associate Vice President – Finance – Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Co Ltd

  • I know Satish since long time now. He is an excellent mentor & leads the team from front. He is a great support for the entire team & can handle pressure with ease. He is practical & networks very well with clients, His sense of business empathy & ownership sets him out as a valuable resource. He is very result oriented and focused which makes him a role model to all his pears and workgroup.
    I wish him well in his career advancement endeavor.”

    Ashish Mishra

    Head Training & Development – Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Co Ltd

  • I sometimes wonder what makes a good sales manager, a great one. Then I chose Satish to see those qualities. He is very confident and ambitious but at the same time he is humble and realistic too. He trusts his team and the team trusts him too. He sets clear expectations and realistic targets. And upon achieving it, he does not forget to celebrate with them. He is a constant motivator of the team, actively engage with the team and be part of their efforts rather than the results alone. Unlike many other quirky sales people, he is so funny and brings humor into situations and keeps things lighter.”

    Venkat Krishna

    Vice President – Actuarial – Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Co Ltd

  • As a leader, you have showed people to be strong, but not rude; be kind but not weak;
    be bold but not bully; be thoughtful but not lazy; be humble, but not timid; be proud, but not arrogant…
    You have guided me and others to success by ensuring that everyone is performing at their best, doing the work they are pledged to do and doing it well!!
    “ If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader” and this exactly one sentence quote which describe you thoroughly.
    You have not only set out to be a leader, but you have become one by the equality of your action and the integrity of your intent.

    Nadeemraza Khan

    Zonal Manager, Bancassurance, Broking & NBFC – Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Co Ltd

  • Satish is very outgoing, gregarious and a people oriented personality who takes all members of his team along. A person who values inputs from one and all, Satish is a very trusting and ingenuous person. He has very natural diplomatic and strong communication skills, while having the knack of being very frank, candid and straight forward in his interactions with one and all. Satish as a leader sets his targets high, while being level headed enough to ensure buy in from all his team members who then respond to the vision or targets as if they owned it. This I feel is his biggest strength apart from his pleasing demeanor.


    ‎Head of Content Development and Continuum – Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Co Ltd

  • Working with Mr. Satish Naidu has been truly a great experience as to what a good manager actually is. He has been very supportive, he never micromanages and truly leads by example.I am so glad to be part of his team and having the opportunity to work under his leadership.I would like to thank Mr. Satish Naidu for the support, guidance, encouragement and opportunities provided to me under his leadership.I have learned a great deal from his leadership, superior knowledge and vision.

    Vijay Solanki

    ‎ Associate Vice President – Nationalised Banks & PSUs (Bancassurance, Broking & NBFC) – Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Co Ltd

  • It has been an absolute privilege to have known and had the opportunity to work along with Satish. A charismatic persona, an effervescent orator and a visionary in the truest sense, Satish has all the makings of a great mentor and a leader par excellence. Am sure Satish has touched many a lives, guided coached, and counseled them, the way he has mine and I hope our paths cross again in near future.Wishing Satish the best of both the worlds.

    Ruchika Kaul

    ‎ Leading Websales BALIC – Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Co Ltd

  • This is Dr. B. S. Powdwal, a longtime friend of Mr. Satish Naidu.I have known Satish personally for more than 5 years as a friend. He is a man of principles. He values integrity the most and is a very gentle and kind person at heart.
    He is sincere in the work that he does and is a true gem of a person.
    I wish Satish success in everything that he does in life.
    My Best Wishes always.

    Dr. B. S. Powdwal

    Head – Fraud Prevention Unit, Operations Technical – Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Co Ltd

  • I know Satish for the past seven years. His in depth knowledge about the product and distinctive style of customer engagement has made him an invaluable part of the BALIC team. I have interacted with him several times and he is honest and pragmatic, very much a master of his chosen subject. He is inarguably one of the brightest minds I have worked with and has the winning combination of a deeply insightful approach and exemplary diligence. His passion and positivity would effortlessly make it to the A-list of any team.
    His energy levels are always remarkable and also influence the surroundings around him. He has all the qualities of becoming a good leader and will surely see him holding the top most position of an organization.I wish him a very successful career and in all his future endeavor.

    Anand Godbole

    Head Internal Audit – Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Co Ltd